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Oh, God!

Jessica Liese from RHAP joins me to talk about arguably the greatest John Denver/George Burns collaboration of them all, it's 1977's mega hit Oh, God!

Sky High

Superhero fan and toxic waste expert Nicholas Allan Tate joins me to discuss the legitimately funny 2005 Disney comedy, Sky High

The Bad News Bears

Baseball and pop culture expert Dan Fields joins me to discuss my favorite movie of all time, the legendary original 1976 Bad News Bears

Peggy Sue Got Married

Writer/Director Candice Cain joins me to talk about one of the absolute forgotten gems of the mid 80's, 1986's Peggy Sue Got Married


Horror author Fiona Carter joins me to appreciate one of the most innovative and creative horror movies of recent years, 2015's Skype session from hell, Unfriended

Brigsby Bear

Playwright and actor Ryan Lisman joins me to discuss one of the mostly oddly endearing movies I have ever seen in my life, 2017's instant indie classic, Brigsby Bear


Fellow Camp Northstar devotee Mike Stevenson joins me as we discuss the legend of Bill Murray, and how it all started here, in the endlessly quotable 1979 movie, Meatballs

Last Action Hero

Entertainment reporter and Schwarzenegger fan Josh Wigler joins me to discuss the underrated and notorious 1993 bomb, Last Action Hero

Three O'Clock High

Fellow 80's movie junkie Randy Bailey joins me to discuss 1987's Three O'Clock High, which is really a 90's teen movie that was just a few years ahead of its time


Improv comedian George Hanns joins me to talk about one of the greatest indie films of all time, 1996's ode to Los Angeles dating life, Swingers

Cloak and Dagger

Video game expert and Atari 5200 enthusiast Ryan Weiss joins to me to discuss one of the most awesome (yet forgotten) movies of the 80's, 1984's kneecap-shooting extravaganza Cloak...


Podcasting superstar Liana Boraas joins me to talk about Dan Fogelberg music, Journey psyche-outs, and the strangely important 1998 comedy, BASEketball

The Invitation

Horror author Matt Carter joins me to talk about one of the creepiest paranoia movies in recent years, 2015's indie horror film The Invitation

The Quick and the Dead

Scott McCulloch and I delve into the massive 1995 flop that never should have flopped, Sam Raimi's cartoony Western masterpiece The Quick and the Dead

My Bodyguard

Former junior high punching bags Jay Framson and I discuss one of the greatest teen movies ever made, 1980's long forgotten classic My Bodyguard

Joy Ride (aka Roadkill)

Australian movie fan Cable Brandon and I delve into the memorable and creepy 2001 thriller, Joy Ride (aka Roadkill)

Bachelor Party

Michael McCullar and I delve into what we think is by far the funniest Tom Hanks movie, 1984's good-natured sleaze fest Bachelor Party

The Brady Bunch Movie

Improv comic and Brady enthusiast Taylor Cotter joins me to talk about the unexpectedly awesome 1995 parody, The Brady Bunch Movie

Black Christmas

Horror movie fan Michael Feeney joins me to discuss the most influential horror movie you have never seen before, 1974's supremely creepy Black Christmas

The Village

Screenwriter Brian Scully joins me to talk about the sad tale of loss that everybody misinterpreted and hated at the time, 2004's massively underrated The Village

Top Secret!

Former video store clerk Michael Allbright joins me to discuss the most underrated of all the ZAZ comedies, 1984's long forgotten Top Secret!

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